I had the privilege of gaining early exposure to the world of modern tech companies, thanks to a brief internship at Babbel during my eighth grade of school. This experience in a dynamic learning environment, surrounded by inspiring professionals, solidified my ambition to become a software engineer.

At 17, in my final year of high school, I came in contact with the impact startup, mymoria. With a foundational background in programming, I sought to apply my skills in a practical setting. Shortly after graduating from high school, I started a full-time internship at mymoria. This role enabled me to enhance my web development expertise in both front-end and back-end areas. Additionally, I gained skills in team collaboration, effective communication, version control systems, and learned about Agile Practices.

Upon commencing my Computer Science studies, I transitioned to a part-time working student role. However, I found the theoretical focus of the Computer Science curriculum at FU Berlin somewhat limiting and lacking in time to combine it with personal projects and learning new technologies. This prompted my decision to transfer to CODE University of Applied Sciences, where I am pursuing a more hands-on degree in Software Engineering.

During a university project, my colleagues and I developed a project for NewStore. This collaboration led to an opportunity where I began working as a working student.

Software Engineering

2021 to present at CODE University Of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Completed modules include Algorithms / Data Structures, Responsive Design, Relational Databases, Cloud Computing, Continuous Delivery and Operations, Extended Realities, Agile Process Management, Web Backend Technologies, Mobile App Development, Automated Software Testing, Cyber Security, Clean Code, Animation, Collaboration.

Computer Science

2020 to 2021 at Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany


2020 at Fichtenberg-Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany


Software Engineer (Working Student)

From June 2022 to February 2024 at NewStore, Berlin, Germany

At NewStore, I had the opportunity to work in several exciting teams with very different tech stacks. At first, I worked on a green-field native iOS project connecting to several distributed APIs. Then, I injected some features of it into an existing React Native codebase using an Objective-C Bridging layer. Later on, I joined the Shopping App team, I worked with a very mature codebase for the apps of brands such as G-Star and All-Saints. There, I improved the Analytics tracking capabilites as well as fixing bugs in the native iOS and Android codebases. In the Clienteling team, I created a new frontend aiming to simplify merging two customer profiles. Also, I implemented Serverless Functions using Go and worked with OpenSearch, API Governance, Test Driven Development as well as Documentation using OpenAPI and Docusaurus.

Software Engineer (Working Student)

From October 2020 to June 2022 at mymoria, Berlin, Germany

When I started studying Computer Science, I transitioned to a part-time working student role. I continued working with React/Typescript as well as dabbling into legacy JS codebases. I got more in-depth experience with AWS S3 while building complex persisting forms including a file upload dialog.

Software Engineer (Intern)

From July 2020 to October 2020 at mymoria, Berlin, Germany

Shortly after finishing my high school, I started a full-time internship as a full stack web developer at mymoria GmbH. There, I developed new projects as well as maintaining existing ones using React and TypeScript. I also developed AWS Lambda Functions with the Serverless Framework, generating PDF documents from user data and sending transactional emails.

App Developer (Intern)

November 2017 at Babbel, Berlin, Germany

In this short internship at Babbel in the office in Berlin-Mitte, I worked on my Android Development skills with a small new project, as well as assisting an engineer while debugging the existing app. I also gained insights about how people work at modern software startups and joined a company-wide Town Hall Meeting.

  • TypeScript
  • CI/CD
  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • React
  • React Native
  • Go
  • Laravel
  • Express
  • Next.js
  • Technical Writing
  • Langchain
  • Git
  • Cloud Computing
  • Jira
  • Cyber Security
  • OpenAI
  • Agile
  • CSS
  • tRPC
  • Docker
  • Android
  • Unity
  • Electron
  • C# .NET
  • Python
  • Java
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