How to Read Scientific Papers from on Kobo E-Readers

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Reading scientific papers on directly from your Kobo E-Reader without needing a USB connection sounds like a dream, right? This guide will walk you through the process, step-by-step.

The Challenge with PDFs

Many scientific papers on are in PDF format. Directly saving these PDFs to Pocket means they won’t appear on your Kobo E-Reader at all. Thus, to ensure the content is accessible and optimized for reading, we need a different approach.

Step-by-step Guide:

1. Set Up a Pocket Account on Your Kobo E-Reader

Turn on your Kobo E-Reader.

  • Tap the More option, usually represented by three dots (...).
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll and find the Accounts section.
  • Choose Pocket, then Sign in or create an account.
  • Follow the prompts to set up an account. Remember, the Firefox login option won’t work here.

2. Access Your Pocket Account on a Computer or Mobile Device

3. Install the Pocket Browser Extension

  • Head to your browser’s extensions or add-ons marketplace.
  • Search for and install the Pocket extension.
  • Once installed, you’ll gain the ability to add pages to Pocket via the browser’s context menu (right-click).

4. Make the arxiv PDF Reader-Friendly

  • Go to the arxiv page of your desired paper.
  • In the URL, change the “x” in “arxiv” to “5”.
    For example:
    Original URL:
    Modified URL:
  • This change converts the PDF into a responsive webpage, optimized for e-readers.

5. Store the Converted Page in Pocket

  • Right-click on the page.
  • Select the Save to Pocket option from the context menu.

6. Access and Read the Paper on Your Kobo E-Reader

  • On your Kobo E-Reader, from the home screen, tap the More tab on the right.
  • Tap My Titles (next to the Pocket logo. You should now see a list of all articles you’ve saved, including the recently added paper.
  • Tap on the desired paper to read it in a format optimized for the Kobo.


By utilizing ar5iv’s rendering tool and the Pocket extension, you can enjoy a seamless experience reading scientific papers from on your Kobo E-Reader. This method bypasses the need for USB transfers, making the entire process wireless and hassle-free.

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